IRIS | Uplift Essential Oil Roller Blend

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IRIS | Uplift Essential Oil Roller Blend

Goddess of Rainbows

Vitality • Empowerment • Joy

Essential Oils: 

  • Orange - provides emotional balance and encouraging positivity 
  • Ylang Ylang releases negative energy and emotional sadness
  • Patchouli grounding and balances emotions
  • Jasmine - enhances confidence and energy reducing feelings of anxiety, depression and apathy
  • Rose opens the heart centre to encourage and be open to receiving love
  • Cardamon - regains mental stability, self control and centres emotions around anger
  • Bergamot attracts abundance, prosperity and success
  • Sandalwood - balances chakras, facilitates the releasing of old emotional wounds and encourages compassion 
  • Clove - invigorating and emotionally stimulating 

Crystal: Carnelian for restoring vitality, motivation and stimulating creativity, courage, promoting positive life choices and motivates for success

Organic Dried Floral/Herb: Calendula for happiness and prosperity 

Carefully curated and intuitively blended, Iris - Uplift is an uplifting root chakra activating essential oil blend that has been created with intention to assist and evoke joy and happiness!

Named after the Goddess of Rainbows, Iris - Uplift is a talisman for encouraging a positive mindset, enhancing your creative flare, stimulating creativity for new pursuits and helps to restore lost vitality and motivation 

Iris - Uplift contains calendula for happiness and prosperity as well as Carnelian crystal fragments to restore vitality, courage and energy, encouraging creativity and promoting positive life choices

Each Astara blend is multifaceted. When creating our blends, we wanted to amplify our intentions and so, our blends are infused with the magic of essential oils, ethically sourced crystals, organic dried flowers and herbs, sound healing and reiki to emit a frequency of unconditional love! Each individual essential oil, crystal and herb/flower element possess their own healing abilities to work with your energetic body to raise your energy and vibration to ensure an optimal state of being

Ritual: Shake before use to activate. Inhale directly or apply to pulse points - inner wrists, back of neck, temples or inner arms

Ingredients: Essential Oils + Fractionated Coconut Oil

Size: 10ml

Australian Made | Cruelty Free | Vegan Friendly | Ethically Sourced | Recyclable + Sustainable

* Patch testing is always recommended and if irritation occurs please discontinue use. Keep stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. For external use only - please avoid contact with eyes. These holistic healing blends are not to replace professional medical advice. Please seek doctors advice for use during pregnancy